Welcome to my scheduling page. Here you will find my Google Calendar with my current availability. You can click on the left and right arrows in the upper left corner of the calendar to advance or reverse the calendar. You can also change the view to week, month or agenda by clicking on the tabs in the upper right corner of the calendar. Week view gives the times available. Availability is not "real time" therefore please note that the time/date you are considering may be already taken in rare instances (I just wasn't able to update the calendar fast enough). At this point I do not offer web self-scheduling here. I would ask that you find a date and time range that works best for you, then contact me via email at images@focalbluephotography.com or via text/Messenger, etc. Once we confirm the details of your shoot, I'll update the schedule accordingly. If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Appointment Availability

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