About Me...

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Throwing My Hat in the Ring...

My journey started in the early 2000's. A friend of mine was taking photography classes as an elective in college and would at times discuss some of the finer points of photographic technique and theory; it all made sense in spite of my lack of equipment at that time. A few years later saw me in possession of a Nikon film SLR by way of a girlfriend that rarely used it. I found the knowledge gained from those aforementioned informal lessons immediately served me well; I was taking quality shots within a week or so and began delving into more advanced techniques pretty quickly. 

To make a long story somewhat shorter...boy meets girl, boy loses girl and more importantly, camera too. So I take a few years off.

Disposable income eventually increases and the photography itch returns. SONY DSLR's, GoPros and eventually two Nikon bodies with all the lights and lenses and fun things to go with it just appear out of nowhere (amazing huh?).

I continue to shoot and edit almost daily and I’m almost constantly learning something new and practicing what I’ve learned. I do want to succeed as a photographer, but my definition of success is not the typical one. I do not seek awards or market domination or guru status. I want my work to speak for itself and hopefully speak to you.

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